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A reckless person, such as a driver, pilot, or manager, who ignores potential risks.
Characterized by the creation of a substantial and unjustifiable risk to the lives, safety, or rights of others and by a conscious and sometimes wanton and willful disregard for or indifference to that risk that is a gross deviation from the standard of care a reasonable person would exercise in like circumstances < Pede state of mind may be inferred from conduct>
by Sue Roth July 17, 2006
French slang for homosexual. Comes from the word Pederaste (a man who has sexual relations with a boy), and is considered derogatory.
Tu aime les filmes romances? Tu es pede ou quoi?
by Name Undisclosed October 11, 2005
Pede is a word used for someone who is gay. It is used in many African nations.
"are you pede or why do you bat your eyes?"
by Willy February 11, 2005
A Bro that says "niguh" to be cool. All around amazing, but sometimes crazy.
Hey Niguh!
dude you just pulled a pede!
by bombdotcom123 September 21, 2011
short for "house centipede," a species found in bathtubs in geneseo, ny; moves very quickly and can be as large as small rodents; keep very well as pets
Holy Sh*t! I just found another pede in the bathroom!
by Quinner November 16, 2005
Pede... from the word Pederaste
In latin Pedo = Children
Pederaste = Pedophilian

Now it s like Gay or Homo...
Pede like a big snail
by Gengys March 29, 2005
A pedophile, or someone who poses as a child online to hunt down and rape little children.
"Pede! Get the fuck away from me!"
by I'm fucking your mom March 17, 2008