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(noun)(1)A non-sexual attraction to male pecs. A pectual attraction is not a fetish, simply a strong wish to feel or examine male pec muscles. One with a pectual attraction would simply evaluate pecs like one would evaluate hairstyles or clothing styles. Also known as a pectual obsession. (2) When a girl goes out with a guy purely because he has nice pecs.
*Girl1 feels Guy1's pec*
Girl1: hmm, very nice, not to hard, not too soft...
Guy1: OMG! WTF! I dont like you that way!
Girl1: Relax! It's only a pectual attraction!

Girl1: OMG! can you belive that Julie and Brad are going out? Only last week she was talking about how much she hated him!
Girl2:Yeah, but then she saw him shirtless. It's only a pectual attraction.
by Celeste G. February 28, 2008
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