Pecker pants are not flood pants, as indicated by the other guy.

Pecker pants are any loose fitting pants such as sweat pants, pjs, track pants, etc that are worn with no underwear.

Ur pecker bulges out like a sore thumb, really noticeably.
Mom: OMG son, I can see your junk thru those pants!

Son: Mom, u suck! Stop checking out my meatspin when I come down the stairs.

Mom: Well stop wearing those pecker pants and I'll get back to making u cookies.
by foogan September 03, 2008
Top Definition
Pecker pants are track pants that are worn pulled up high so they are floods, then showing the guys cock flopping around and he walks
Hey Dad, I see your wearing your pecker pants today
by dj stussy June 10, 2006
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