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Latin, meaning "I have sinned."
In that episode of Law & Order, the evil priest told the detectives that peccavisti meant "I have sinned." It's a lie, of course; "I have sinned" is peccavi, peccavisti means "you have sinned."
by Sparky March 04, 2005
One who does incredibly stupid things for the pure simple thrill of it.

Alternately, one who is incredibly stupid and thrilled by simple things.
Did you hear that Bill shot six steel hooks through he's penis? He's such a peccavi.
by Pingu January 22, 2005
noun; Idiot.
See also, Re-re and fool.
Did you see that guy shoot himself in the foot because he thought it'd get rid of the fungus? What a peccavi
by Mwahaha the 1st December 22, 2005
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