A term used by Hockey players to describe a shot that goes into the net and gets stuck between the netting and top back white bar.
Nichols walked in, picked the top corner on the Goalie and sniped it right into the Peanut Butter.

Bartley: Dude did you see Knoop get sniped high glove by Nichols?

Abbott: Oh yeah! He roofed it straight to the Peanut Butter!! I wish I could dangle and snipe like him..
by Nicks1026 December 09, 2009
Replacement word for the commonly know teenage word "Plaboy"
so teachers and parents have no idea what you are talking about
Man i got some peanut butter last night
by Chase B. March 11, 2008
Semen and a tad bit of urine
She swallowed my peanut butter
by Orangzila March 30, 2014
random stranger "hey"

you "PEANUT BUTTER IS THE ANSWER!" *runs away*

1 year later stranger thinks "what was he talking about!!!????!!!
by schloppy July 21, 2010
The act of recieving oral sex (blowjob) while playing videogames.
Oh god! My computer screen is as white as Santa Clause's beard after all that peanut butter last night!
by LolzJeffyLolz January 28, 2010
internet slang for Pedobear, another internet meme for one who prefers younger company, now moving into actual slang.
Pedobear: Hey guys I'd like you to meet my new girlfriend.

Guy 1: Girlfriend? I thought she was your niece or something. How old is she?

Pedobear: 14

Guy 2: Whoa there peanut butter slow down!
by concernedparentlol August 22, 2009
A creamy delectabe spread usually consumed after one drowns an innocent fish.
":( ..... i just DRONEDED my fish!"
"um... have some peanut butter"
"o .... yay!"]
by Fish lover February 19, 2011

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