A person with a pea shaped head.
"Chris Pearce has a pea head."
by Louch February 11, 2012
Top Definition
Peahead (n.): A fucking annoying preteen slutfaced bitch who thinks she is friends with everyone everytime she sits on their lap like a dog, or forces them against their will to take a picture with her for facebook tags when REALLY they just want her to get a life, go back to middleschool and leave them alone. One who is extremely annoying, loud, distruptive, destructive and who cries a lot. similar to a child.
One who is also not very bright.
at all.
Used in a sentence:

ex. Wow, Alix Underhill is such a fucking peahead that everytime she shows up unwanted at an older party and pushes her tiny little prepubescent mosquito bite breasts together in an attempt to blend in with the older crowd, her tiny little peahead just barely pokes over them.

ex. I fucking want to squish peahead all the way back to 1993
by george shrinnks September 13, 2007
a guy with a pea shaped head, bearing in mind that u only say it to the annoying pea heads.
"oi!.... Pea-ed"
"Yea nice one Pea-ed"
by Myers February 11, 2004
Teesside word for someone who's head is far too small for their body.
"Swear down, seen him? He's got a proper peahead!"
by towz January 13, 2005
Usually small of head and large of body, thus resulting in the fact that head is disproportionate to rest of self.
Slyvester 'pea-head' Stallone, Tina 'pea-head' Turner, The Incredible 'pea-head' Hulk
by Purple Panted Pussy August 21, 2009
A person with a horrendously small head, some would say similar to a pea, hence the term pea head.
My ideal man has a Pea Head and a Pencil dick, calls his arms his "guns" and has a jam eating mouth.
by Joanna Humpalot September 01, 2005
a person who's head is abnormally small, and is relatable to the shape of a pea.
"damn! I think Selena is hot"
"man are you blind, she's got a peahead"
by mikekyle jnr June 26, 2013

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