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4 definitions by psamps

when you have george sampson overloads sometimes it turns into a sampsattack.
spudmuffin:OMG GSAMPS!
beefcake: *sampsattack*.
by psamps January 27, 2009
vegithinker is one who is vegitarian, but still has cravings/thoughts for meat and beef.
girl:im in the mood for a burger.
vegithinker:mmm me too.
girl:your vegitarian?
vegithinker:acctutaly vegithinker.
by psamps January 27, 2009
glasses for peaheads, on a normal person these glasses would look small, but no, there for peaheads.
peahead glasses are featured in camp rock.
by psamps January 27, 2009
snorting my ass off.
girl one: at least i wear a bra.
girl two: smao
george: no.
by psamps January 27, 2009