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when you have george sampson overloads sometimes it turns into a sampsattack.
spudmuffin:OMG GSAMPS!
beefcake: *sampsattack*.
by psamps January 27, 2009
glasses for peaheads, on a normal person these glasses would look small, but no, there for peaheads.
peahead glasses are featured in camp rock.
by psamps January 27, 2009
vegithinker is one who is vegitarian, but still has cravings/thoughts for meat and beef.
girl:im in the mood for a burger.
vegithinker:mmm me too.
girl:your vegitarian?
vegithinker:acctutaly vegithinker.
by psamps January 27, 2009
snorting my ass off.
girl one: at least i wear a bra.
girl two: smao
george: no.
by psamps January 27, 2009
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