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A common user. Someone who doesn't have any certain privileges or 1337 skillz. This person might be a n00b but not necessarily.
"I'm too 1337 to write that HTML page. You do it, pe0n!"

"Don't tell *ME* what do to do, pe0n"

"He's just a pe0n, lol"
#pe0n #1337 #skillz #n00b #lol
by Radical Dreamer August 25, 2007
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A term used widelyto belittle those within a gaming community or riase there standard from a common peon.
<******> there's a game called starmonkey isn't there?
<******> is that the game where you run around as a pe0n pretending to be important????
by Urizen March 28, 2003
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