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noun . doing non-important things to keep another person form using a computer pc

fiddling around doing nothing important on a pc , but not letting anyone else use it .
Jim:can I use the computer now ?
Mary :no !! , im checking my Facebook
*five minutes later *
Jim : can I use it now ?
Mary :no , Im checking my Myspace !
*twenty minutes later *
Jim :how about now

Mary : no , I need to check my Twitter,Stumble upon , Google Plus , Gmail, Yahoo, and Aol.........then you can use it !!
*one hour later *
Jim : please , let me use it !!!!
Mary :one sec , let me check my Facebook again ..........
Jim : STOP PCOCKBLOCKING ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Whomever I. Wannabe December 28, 2011
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