Stands for Paige, Charlotte and Becky. One of the three teams in the Divas Revolution as seen on every WWE programming.
Rusty Cuyler: Say Early, Which team you are a fan of in the Divas Revolution?
Early Cuyler: PCB, BABY!! WHOO!!!
by lub lub October 20, 2015
Princess Cock Block - a girly type guy who "plays for the other team" and cock blocks his friends.
That Andrew is such a PCB. No one ever takes a girl home when he is around.

Friend: Hey girl how are you?
Girl: I'm good, about to leave. How far is your place?
Friend: A couple minutes down the street.
Andrew (PCB): HE'S DRUNK!!!
Girl: Wait a second, my friends are calling me. I have to go...
by bill23423 September 22, 2009
(noun) stands for Pure Crystal Based Shit. The way to express one's excitement over something. It means awesome, epic, amazing, cool, radical, intense, life-changing.
"Yo man that's total PCBS stuff right there."

-"Do you use Old Spice deodorant?"
-"Ya man, PCBS all the way!"

-"What kind of weed do you have?"
-"I've got some PCBS that will blow your mind!"

"I just won an award for best music video category... PCBS!"
by Brutus Grass January 10, 2011
-Pre Coachella Boner; The act of cultivating a throbbing erection from thoughts leading up to the annual event known as Coachella.
You:" Yo, I hear the rumor is OutKast is performing at Coachella this year"

Friend: "I got a PCB just thinking about it..."
by Shlookeh January 27, 2014
stands for poop cock bitch;known as the curtis park anthem
p.c.b. you got shit on your lips
by sir giggly bob dididly blavin December 07, 2004
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