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An extremely deragatory term refering to people of middle-eastern decent. Akin to the term nigger for black people.
"You are such a payvand"

"Man, you haven't shaved in a month. You look like a payvand."

by B.M.O.D. December 12, 2007
a, at the moment, 16 and 9 month old fob, living in mountain view. he spends his days nonchalantly flipping through various lexicons in order to burgeon his knowledge. in his free time, he likes to study ancient philosophy, and sometimes, assemble wooden tables. ultimately, he is the last member of SNAP.
as i strolled through the dark alley, i saw a nerd-like figure named Payvand standing in the corner mumbling forsaken mathematical equations to himself.
by pizzle March 04, 2005

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