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the largest strictly quantified number known to man; slightly more than a googolplex and slightly less than infinity (though much more credible in school yard name calling and disputes). It can be represented numerically by 10^10^101 or a 1 followed by a googol+1 zeros. To write this number, you would need more space than the known universe provides. Often used to sound simultaneously cute and stupid in an endearing and non-threatening way towards the opposite sex (see durfus).
"There are a pavillion dudes in that house... it's a complete sausage fest."

"With a name like John Smith, he must have a pavillion googlegangers.

Mr. Brown: "The fans have gathered in the pavillion."
Mr. Blonde: "... In the pavillion what?"
Mr. Brown: "The pavillion where the concert is."
Mr. Blonde: "...the pavillion what where the concert is?"
by DYD October 13, 2010
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