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someone who lies constantly only for attention. they lie about the most simple things. exaggerates the situation to the point of fiction. is very nutty, and does need mental help.
megan friel lies constantly so we label her a pathological liar.
by megan friel needs help! December 19, 2006
A person or President who apparently seems to believe their lies like it was true.
"But for those who say we haven't found the banned manufacturing devices or banned weapons, they're wrong. We found them"
-Source Washington Mail (verified).

Simon: "I cant help being a Pathological Liar :("
Jon: "Your Just like George W Bush. You know what the W stands for dont ya?"
Simon: "yeah Weapons of Mass destruction"
by azio November 08, 2005
Someone who lies consistantly with no regard of others
Erin Thomas is a pathological liar, because she will tell you something that she is going to do, but do the opposite.
by score program student March 08, 2013
Generally Women...who like to cause drama and argue with and out-do everyone. Some gay guys do this to fit in with the feminine population.
A "Pathological Liar." is very hard to get along with.
by Timmmehzor April 20, 2010
Donald Trump
Someone who keeps claiming that an event took place while it clearly didn't. Also, usually she/he constantly accuses others of lying.
"Donald Trump is the definition of a pathological liar
via giphy
by Numi the Second July 27, 2016
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