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one who sits inside all day doing nothing but play on an electronic device while the weather outside is nice
"what are you doing today?" "oh im playing video games" "fucking pasty face"
by molly486 March 17, 2009
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Snobby, wealthy, white people, sometimes called Yuppies
Pasty Faces live usually in suburban neighborhoods
by Spooner83 April 21, 2009
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An individual, typically male, whose facial features are generally rounded and ill-defined. The skin is pale and frequently clammy in appearance; the eyes are droopy, the lips pudgy, and jawline is nonexistent.
Guy 1: "Check out that pasty face!"

Guy 2: "Gross, dude. He's a chimo for sure."
by creepsicles June 05, 2011
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"Hey, I think Blaze fancies you, do you think she is pretty?"
"Yeah she's buff but her face is pasty " or "She's got a pasty face"
by Leesoy Wack November 19, 2016
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