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being, marked by, or displaying behavior characterized by expressing motivation, ends-orientation, or achievement in an unassertive, passive way (as through study or work binges interspersed with procrastination and distraction)

descriptor for intrinsically lazy people who are latently driven to do a lot

descriptor for people whose success often seems effortless and who seem fairly unconcerned with it
Khoa's so passive ambitious -- he spends almost all his time playing guitar and surfing, yet he just got accepted to Yale Law School, finished his third novel, and helped develop a new method to replicate DNA strands.
by hien ngoc nguyen November 25, 2004

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with implied guilt, remind someone(s) of what needs to be completed with a projected equal, or greater, credit taken by the requester(s).
I agreed to Tom's request, but I think he is being passive ambitious in our project.
by aquadump May 18, 2008