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using a woman's handbag or pocketbook as a form of identifying her most definitive characteristics
dude, don't do it. judging by her pursenality, she is high maintenance. how about the smaller coach over there instead?
by aquadump April 10, 2008
similar to a blue moon (two full moons in the same calendar month), two menstruation periods in the same calendar month.
a blue period is having a menstrual cycle on days 1-8 and 29-4, of the calendar month
by aquadump October 04, 2009
with implied guilt, remind someone(s) of what needs to be completed with a projected equal, or greater, credit taken by the requester(s).
I agreed to Tom's request, but I think he is being passive ambitious in our project.
by aquadump May 18, 2008

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