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Short for Pansy Ass
You're such a Pass, you need to grow a pair!
by Siobhan O'Donovan September 13, 2008
2 3
Pass (v) - The politically correct term for skipping a class. The word can be used in future, present, and past tenses (pass, passing, and passed, respectively).
Example #1: (before class)

Hannah: "Hey do you guys wanna go to class today?"

Kurtis: "Eh, no thanks, I think I'll pass..."

Waleed: "Yeah same here..."

Example #2: (during class)

Maria: "Hey where's Stefan?"

Megan: "Oh I think he's passing."

Example #3: (after class)

Natasha: "Hey where were you today? We had a test in U.S. History today."

Harrison: "Yeah I know, I passed because I didn't study for it at all..."
by kurtisthefurtis November 20, 2011
14 15
A person who likes to jump in and talk about something they know nothing of. A pass usually only succeeds in making his or her self look stupid by saying something that was intended to be on topic but not at all what a group was talking about.
Person: The Beatles are legendary
Pass: Aren't there like ten of them?
Person: Pass!
by Wateryicer January 09, 2012
0 4
Does not have a twofold meaning, as those who pass the school evidently did not go to the school and therefore by a process of logical deduction could not pass exams either.
I did pass the school as the park provided natural recreational education.
by Hercolena Oliver May 30, 2008
6 19
To ask to go to the bathroom or go to your locker.
Dr. Barno, Its sabrina again, can I use the pass?
by karlin eyey May 27, 2005
7 37
Pronounced: "P-ass" (noun)
Specifically female related term referring to the area residing behind the vaginal area and the anus. No entries found in medical terminology, but probably related to the slang term "Taint" or related to the male verson "Bass", both words thought to originate from "The Man Show".
"It's not my Pussy, and it's not my ass... It's my PASS"

A compound word, the female pass can be constructed as follows:
(P)ussy + (Ass) = Pass.
by PonyH8r October 13, 2006
8 43