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A game where everything is made of 1 meter cubed blocks.
There are 4 modes:

Survival: Gather resources, build a house, fight health and hunger, kill the Ender Dragon.
Adventure: Same as Survival but you can't destroy blocks.
Hardcore: Survival with no respawning
Creative: Build anything with unlimited resources, free flying, and no health or hunger.
Minecraft is awesome
Current version: 1.3.2
The new 1.4 update in Minecraft will have leather armor and wolf collars that can be dyed, cobblestone walls, item frames, new potions, carrots and golden carrots along with potatoes and baked potatoes, beacons, zombie villagers, bats, witches and more!!
by link998 October 13, 2012
Someone who travels and battles evil only to be stopped by an arrow in the knee.
City Guard: I used to be an adventurer like you, then I took an arrow to the knee...
by Link998 May 18, 2013
Problem solver for black people.
2: How'd you know?
1: You recorded it!
2: I'll buy you KFC chicken, 20 pieces.
1: We cool.
by Link998 May 26, 2013
The name says it. BAD IDEA of jokes on some tee shirts.
That is a bad idea for a t-shirt. That is why it's called "BAD IDEA TEES"

Everyone: *Applauds*
by Link998 February 09, 2014
1) A long, flexible and sturdy piece of wood with a string attached in order to fire arrows. Now there are new "Compound Bows" made with metal. Used by skilled marksmen.

2) A ribbon tied in a certain matter for apparel.

3) To bend over to show signs of respect.
1) I shot the adventurer in the knee with my bow. Now he's a city guard.

2) She is wearing a red bow.

3) Bow down, mortal!
by Link998 May 25, 2013
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