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What you say to someone when trying to avoid talking about the elephant in the room.
After seeing the look on Grandma's face when Jim announced that he and Mark were getting married, I turned to my brother and asked him to pass the peas
by Andrew Horsford November 10, 2008
a jazz term where the lead or solo is passed in a circle around the musicians, with each musician getting a solo break while everyone else backs them. Usually at the end of each solo the musician performing will announce that he is done by replaying the primary melody of the song, signifying a change coming up.
I saw that great band the other night pass the peas. The drummer killed it. The bass player played with his face, and the guitar player lit his amp on fire.
by rapefruit April 16, 2013
its when your green shit that looks like peas passes through your colon and into wes' mouth
i passed the peas 3 times with wes yesterday
by Bobby A August 08, 2003

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