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1) A move made by the late NASCAR legend Dale Earnhardt during a 1987 exhibition race in Charlotte. With a few laps to go, he clipped the second-place car while attempting to defend his lead, slid into the grass, somehow regained control of his car, and came back onto the track still in the lead. He went on to win the race, and to this day it is remembered as one of his proudest moments.

2) An attempt to score, hook up, or otherwise become romantically/sexually involved with someone, made while high on marijuana.
1) I remember watching the Winston in '87 and I'll never forget when Dale made the Pass in the Grass. He proved that day that he'll always be the best.

2) I got so blazed early last night, but there was still no way I was going to leave without at least trying to get with Vanessa, so I made a pass in the grass. It didn't turn out too good.
by 1MileFromGlory May 27, 2014

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The act of taking over your racing opponent while driving off the track and onto the grass. Made famous by Dale Earnhardt himself.
Pass in the Grass!
by JT Moreton December 26, 2009