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This happens when you leave a windy shit between the breasts of a woman while you straddle her neck for a blowjob. (A close cousin to the Cleveland Steamer.)
Unfortunately this wasn't possible on Ridgly but Baily did well.
by Chester January 11, 2005
Defecating on a woman's breasts while you straddle her face for fellatio.
Tammy didn't appreciate the Pasadena Mudslide I gave her.
by sala January 17, 2003
Similar to the Cleveland Steamer, but the person doing the shitting has diarrhea. Simply put, 'the mud goes down the mountain.'
Stan ate some Mighty Taco before he gave that chick a Pasadena Mudslide.
by FlithyLyrics September 10, 2008
The act of leaving a sht stain on a woman's rib cage while having intercourse with her breast, aka "titty fucking."
Seeing how I totally gave her a pasadena mud slide, I don't think she will be calling me back anytime soon.
by StemNasty August 16, 2006
when one farts while titty fucking a girl, and it leaves a brown smear between her breasts.
When i was titty fucking Sue, she heard me fart, and knew a pasadena mudslide was occuring.
by Jay November 25, 2003
when a person sets fire to a womans pubes then jacks off on them to put it out
my girlfriend got a nasty burn while we were doing the pasadena mud slide
by nate brookens February 17, 2008
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