A person who is known for their bitter odour. Personality traits include:
Expert at Bejewelled
A fondness for mushrooms
Hairy nipples
'And that means, time for cranberry juice!' Said the Pas.
by Poopas September 27, 2012
Top Definition
A term used to describe a Canadian French teacher.
I have pas for French next semester.
by ABCDEFG!!!!!!!!! November 13, 2014
french conjagated verb used with ne to mean not
je ne sais pas
I don't know
by anonymouse April 21, 2005
It means Dog...in Serbian!
Ti si pas.
Your a dog.
by MAYA April 24, 2005
nickname for cocaine
Hey give me some pas!
by CHAD October 18, 2003
Acronym for 'People Are Stupid'

A atch all answer for people doing, getting hurt or arrested for doing moronic things.
A guy was hit and killed on the freeway when he was running across the road to TAG the center median.

Response: PAS!
by Kevinjanko July 10, 2008
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