A recreational activity involving the consumption of Hot Tamales and a few swigs of Scope.
Leadership 2006 is all about party train!
#party #train #scope #hot #tamales
by O-DIZZLE August 12, 2006
Top Definition
to go from party to party in one night
party train tonight, we are getting soooo drunk!
#party #train #drinking #drunk #fun
by tori haas August 14, 2008
a group of 6 hot (or average looking) girls who tear shit up in the 952/612 area. interests include: canes, pizza, yogurt lab. always trying to find the whereabouts of men we admire. undying thirst for men everywhere. established in 2012
damn, the party train has been really creepy lately.
the party train is so annoying/cool/milfy!
why does the party train throw the shocker in every picture they take?
#party #train #dilf #rupaul #chicken
by party train May 31, 2014
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