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1:A girl who will party hard anywhere, even if the party is shit she will get down and get naked.
2: A girl who likes to fuck, usually will either swallow or let you spray it all over her. Also prone to threesomes (including bi), and taking it in the wrong 'un
This chick last night was a total party girl, I pulled it out here arse and then she swallowed! Dirty bitch!
by Chest August 03, 2003
A girl who simply likes to party. Every weekend she is seen at a party either drinking, dancing, or mingling. She may go home drunk or completly sober. Commonly associated with being whore, they are usually just 'wild childs', that party hard. This could include becoming drunk, or either taking a guy home with them(and some don't even sex with the guy!). Party girls are actually very nice and are very good friends; especially if one of them gets drunk or just simply wants to go home. They are also sometimes found smoking a cigerette.
Tiffany: There's a party tonight at Jim's.
Amanda: It's Thursday!
Tiffany: And? Girly, it's the weekend! And it's just getting started! You have got to come!
Amanda: (*Chuckles) Tiff, your such a party girl! There's gonna be parties all weekend long!
Tiffany: And I, I mean we, are going to be at every one!
by BrokeRich January 04, 2009
A girl who will hang out and have sex with a guy or guys who are sharing coke, ecstacy, crystal or other drugs with her.
Kristin is the ultimate party girl... she'll do whatever a guy wants as long as he's got blow for her.
by Kristin Dior March 12, 2006
(par'-tee gurl)n. Any female who constantly frequents nightclubs, and participates in nightlife.(i.e. friends or celebrities gatherings)This person is usually living on daddy's money, cheating on her husband/boyfriend, or insists that because she "is young" she is entitled to always have a good time, with little or no responsibilities.
Paris Hilton is a partygirl.
by Mark November 27, 2004
Definitely different from girls who happen to party hard and are willing to "sell" themselves for drugs or other items, the "party girl" is a girl who simply enjoys partying.

She may drink, but she doesn't get sloppy. She is a good friend, with an unspoken code existing between her and her girls, providing protection of one another and knowing when to step in and take her friend(s) home or stop them from doing something stupid. Sometimes associated with slut or whore because they also get along well with guys, otherwise known as a "guys girl", and many other women (and some guys who have been turned down by said "party girl") because they are jealous and need to be petty. A true party girl knows how to have a respectably good time and simply enjoys spending time with her friends, listening to good music and dancing in a circle with her friends. Oftentimes, a girl who doesn't stay home waiting for guys to call her on the weekend and rather goes out with her girls to a club or party, will be called a party girl in a derogatory sense.

Different from a girl misconstrued as a "party girl" who does drugs often, as that is an addict. Different from a girl who will sleep with random men for favors, as that is a whore and different from a girl who has low self-esteem and will sleep with anyone who gives her attention, as that is a slut.
Jen: Hey, Gina and I are heading out to the club Saturday night. There's supposed to be great music and a full dance floor. Wanna go?

Lina: Uh, yeah?!

Jen: What happened to John? You were going to see him Friday or Saturday night, right? This won't interfere, will it? I'll understand if you can't go, but we'd love to have you.

Lina: Well, it's already Thursday and I haven't heard from him. I was actually going to ask you what you were up to this weekend. Lol.

Jen: Ah, that's our girl! We're gonna have a great time! Laaaaaadies night! w00t!

Lina: Indeed! And we now have a full circle to block the guys with! Win! Let's give a ring to Elise and Maggie, too. They're always good party girls without drama, and they're not sluts, so we won't have to worry about keeping an eye on them if they drink. Fantastic.
by LadyMischief July 18, 2011
A girl whom is not exactly a good friend but is fun to be around.

Party girls are usually slutts.

Can be replaced easily.

"We had fun but that bitch stabbed me in the back."

"That girl is a partygirl man go for it, we were partying some weeks ago, three hours and i had her in the sheets."

Paris Hilston is a party girl- she replaced other partygirls -Nicole Richie- with OTHER party girls.
by xXxadjxXx April 19, 2007
A party girl is an attractive woman who constantly goes to a club, bar, party, or any other gathering with the sole intention of meeting a male for sex and companionship. She believes that the reason why she is feeling lonely or depressed is because as her associates say she doesnt go out that much meet men and have a good time. The woman parties because she is homeless, without true friends, or family who genuinely cares about her best interest. She goes looking for sexual contact in the belief that pleasuring a man will oblige him to start a family with her or impregnate her to have a child, so she can be a single mom. As a single mom she becomes eligible for child support benefits from the government and she doesn't need to work or find work. The workplace is often she feels an abusive environment where she is constantly a victim of sexual harassment and bullying. However since her intentions for finding a male companion are such, she often finds herself in and out of a relationship, in one night stands, and possibly a victim of rape. Decent men can see right through her genuine intentions and avoid a long term relationship. What kind of decent man will ever want to start a stable family with a party girl, when he will be threatened with all sorts of problems with this person such as police questioning, infidelities, legal suits, etc. A party girl is only loyal to herself for her survival.
Ed: so why do you party a lot?
Party girl: because I don't have any friends. If I keep going out ill have more and more friends.
Ed: but don't you think hanging out with strangers is dangerous?
Party girl: but what choice do I have?
Ed: how about your parents? Haven't they provided good advice?
Party girl: dad died when I was a teenager and mom sold the house, remarried, then moved overseas, and left me behind here. Although I grew up in a wealthy household, since I was 7 mom kept telling me to grow up and get lost.

Ed: and how about your siblings and other relatives ie aunts and uncles?
Party girl: I am an only child and never had uncles or aunts.
by Encyclopaedist January 27, 2013
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