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A person who completely ruins a party by stopping the fun or completely ruining the mood. Basically an extreme version of the Party Pooper.
"That cop totally broke up our party"
"Yeah...what a Party Shitter!"
#party #pooper #shitter #cop #stopper #crash #police
by asskicker December 26, 2006
Someone who acts very pissed off and bitchy at a party, not wanting to drink, dance, or generally have fun. They will try to bring down the mood of the entire party with their debbie downer attitude. An extreme version of the party-pooper; most often girls who are pms-ing and/or who have hurt their shoulder.
Party-going friend: "Liz, you aren't a party pooper. You are a PARTY SHITTER"
Party shitter: "Guys, my shoulder hurts..."
#party pooper #woo girl #bitch #debbie downer #pms
by Cari<3 December 25, 2008
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