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Main Entry: Part-tarded
Pronunciation: 'pärt-tär-did
Function: adjective
offensive: 1: A person of otherwise average intelligence that demonstrates a habit of making unintelligent decisions or prone to acting in an unintelligent or careless manner. 2: An unwise decision made by those who do not have to actually carry out the instructions: 3: A device or machine (IE: Computers) when they don’t do what they are designed to do.

1: I don’t know why he did that, he knew better than to lick that Poison Ivy.
2: Man, whoever decided that doing it this way must have been Part-tarded.
3: I told this Part-tarded thing to print the document four times, but all it wants to do is open the calculator.
by D. Wulf July 04, 2006
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