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parr - flop, something that went wrong
ay blud, his tune was a parr
by solid_yd May 22, 2008
to be able to take over a company or business from scratch, and then monopolize it within a city/town, possibly on outskirts of other cities too.

The ruffian, who strolled into town took a job at a laundromat, and after a couple weeks, he was able to parr the whole business.
by Vandread4ever April 21, 2009
The term "Parrites" comes from the fucking chav scum that live in Parr. "The Parr Boyz" crew (well, they think they're a crew) are just pathetic twats who have nothing better to do than terrorising the elderly and twatting other people. You cant even walk down a street in Parr without some cunt features trying to shoot you or hurling abuse at you. I find this totally disgusting and distasteful that the younger generation feel the need to participate in such activities to feel accepted in modern society.
Common phrases used in Parr are:

"init laaad"
"eh eh"
"got that white lightenin, fot get smashed ova park laaad"
by wingwong123 September 06, 2008
Shithole of all shitholes. The sworn enemy of all yickers, this cess pit is the home of all STI's and has the biggest concentration of gypsies ever known.
'There was a murder down Parr last night'

'Only one?'
by cock-muncher August 27, 2008
An extremely lazy black person, they tend to never do anything, and get along better with white people than other blacks. They are also known for chasing white girls
Wow that parr wouldn't even hand me the remote he was sitting next to
by Jon Foster Child October 07, 2008
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