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adj. - being both lumpy and moist; usually used to convey disgust, but sometimes admiration
That sausage over there? The texture ain't right. That shit is straight parpy.

When used positively: That ass is parpy girl. Mmm.
by Smoopasm October 14, 2012
An extremely contagious sexually transmitted disease characterized by loosening of morals, painful anal discharge, and abnormal anal hair growth. Primarily transmitted through gay anal sex. There is no known cure or treatment for the Parpies virus - it best to prevent all exposure to the primary carrier. Known to frequent Thai whore houses and get massages from women of questionable morals. Parpies has recently been discovered in Russia.
Parpar contracted Parpies in Cancun, from fucking some bitch tranny named Laura in the ass - some random slut whose shirt busted open... second day in mexico.
by People 4 Parpies Prevention June 27, 2010

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