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A very small town located next in the middle of Tuckerton and West Creek. People that live in Parkertown claim they live in WC because it's very close and everyone feels the need to be considered a piney in order to be cool. Parkertown is the very town where Sara got the name "anal princess"(someone who enjoys anal sex) but was later promoted to "anal queen" . Parkertown is completely's just a "drive by" town. there is absolutely nothing to do there. People from tuckerton and parkertown walk for miles just to chill at the skatepark with the pineys and the girls gawk at shitty scumbags ride their bikes badly. The greatest thing within 5 miles of Parkertown would be the floodgates..the leach filled swimming hole, which is now closed down. probably because of scummy assholes. if you try to swim at the floodgates.. you will be shot by the man who lives across the street. just wait till he dies to come to parkertown.
ocean: yo sara..wanna bone??
sara: sure. but i only take it up the butt.
ocean: shit. that hole's too loose.

guy: yo wanna go to parkertown?
girl: what can we do there man?
guy: idk what youre gonna do in parkertown.. but i'll be boning saras asshole.
by a mystic islander. August 27, 2009
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