soldiers deploying into combat by parachute from airplanes
Paratroopers stationed with the 82nd Airborne Division!!
by supaz September 21, 2005
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{n} elite soldier who jumps from aircraft over battlefield. Average age is 18-21, male, highly trained and motivated to kill. Is usually heavily armed. Generally badass motherfuckers.
Also known as: Vertical envelopment shock trooper

{ant} LEG
Look at that crazy fucker killing all those enemies! He must be a paratrooper!
by Dirty Black Rob September 19, 2005
I love how the pictures completely didn't match up with the definition..
Anyhow, a paratrooper is someone who jumps out of airplanes (with a parachute) for the purpose of performing a military action on the ground. Normally used for behind enemy lines or hard to reach areas.
My uncle was a paratrooper in the army, he was in a lot more planes taking off than he was landing.
by Brian Marx September 23, 2005
Soldier who is trained to jump out of perfectly good airplanes, for the purpose of inserting in enemy territory away from the heavy defenses around national borders and the front lines.
Paratroopers are pretty helpless during the airdrop, but their strength is in putting force in an area that isn't expecting it or prepared to react.
by C++ June 03, 2006
A soldier that has gone through Airborne School, and has jumped one time for each letter in the term "Airborne Paratrooper." After these 19 jumps, one can consider themselves a novice paratrooper that has earned the partial respect of seasoned vets.
Many people go through the school and never jump again. Refer to the term "five jump chump"
SPC Johnson: "Get out of here leg! Right, Williams? Stupid legs."

SPC Williams: "How many jumps do you have?"

SPC Johnson: "5. I did Airborne School and now I'm a paratrooper."

SPC Williams: "You're not a paratrooper. You 5 jump chumps always act like heroes."
by airborne2000 November 30, 2012
this requires a roommate to be having sex on the bottom bunk while you are present in the top bunk.

the act of masturbating on the top bunk, leaping off while climaxing, then shooting the woman in the face before hitting the ground. "bombs away"
my girlfriend is pissed. you got her right in the face last night you paratrooper son of a bitch.
by 302e October 18, 2008
An act similar to the toboggan, although far more dangerous and painful. You simply perform a toboggan off the roof of a house.
Tony's mom is really hardcore, so I gave her a paratrooper off my house.
by Pinto April 30, 2004
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