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When sitting on the shitter too long, your feet get pins and needles and you can't walk. You have just been paralyzed through shitting.
Jeas lad had some parashit earlier read an fhm back to front, nearly had to be wheeled off the throne.
#paperwork #dropping the kids to the pool #taking a long shit #thunderbox #parachute
by coso lad February 20, 2014
A prank that occurs when two friends are using stalls beside one another in a public restroom. The prankster wipes himself with toilet paper and then, instead of letting the paper fall into the bowl, he takes it and hurls it over the stall divider into the lap of his victim.
I was out with Craig and after the buffet we had to go to the bathroom. Wouldn't you know it? That sick puppy gave the green light to a parashit assault!
#prank #joke #parachute #shit #poo #bathroom #toilet #sick #gross
by chessthecat July 31, 2010
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