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When a man dons a strap-on posteriorly and proceeds to engage in vaginal or anal intercourse with two women at the same time with a back and forth movement. Variations include a woman in the middle, with or without strap-on, and participants of the befitting gender. Other conceivable combinations include any three trunks and a couple holes.
As Stuart trained in on the correct angles, Agnes and Phyllis found the parallel parking quite enjoyable.
by Cabot November 17, 2006
sexual intercourse
June was in a bad mood: she wanted some parallel parking with Alec, but he had a headache.
by Dunky Oggins November 09, 2003
what an asian driver just cant do, they should start a new reality show about this. they can build em but cant drive em
hey check this sorry ass drivers attempt at parallel parking
by Ddoug November 26, 2006