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noun. a paragraph in instant message format that takes a great deal of time to be typed, causing the reader of said paragraph to be bombarded by words all of a sudden.
Bobby (2:26:59 AM): so how was your day?
Jeff (2:27:59 AM): not too bad, yours?

Bobby (2:31:32 AM): Well my morning started off fine, but then I saw Jimmy over at the waffle house with Sally. I wasn't about to join them, so I had to drive all the way across town to go to the other one. After that I went to work, where on my lunch break I had to go get my tire fixed at the walmart just down the road. I got off at like 7:30, ate dinner with my family, got a shower, met up with the crew for a bit, then now I'm here getting ready to go to bed.
Jeff (2:32:12 AM):ohh shit, nice paragraph bomb
by TheSilverMonkey September 29, 2009
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