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Taking a dump on your own chest.

It is near impossible.

Jet Lee can do it, but he is not proud of it.
1. "That calculus test blew my mind like a Paradoxashit."

Jet Lee: I'm not doint it!
Friend: Come one man, just once, for me.
Jet Lee: Fuck you.
Friend: You're not the old Jet Lee i used to know back in college. He used to Paradoxashit all the time, but now with your big movies and millions of dollars, i quess you're too big to Paradoxashit for and old friend.
Jet Lee: It's not like that, man --
Friend: No, you've made your choice, asshole *storms out*

*long silence*

Jet Lee's Turtle: I still love you.
Jet Lee: Fuck you, turtle. Fuck you.
by youreceivethehole7 August 06, 2009
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