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The term used to describe a situation in which one is cock-blocked by two parties simultaneously.
William Turner wanted to get with Elizabeth Swan, but was paradouched by Captain Jack Sparrow and Commodore James Norrington.

My attempt to get with this extremely hot chick last night, was pardouched by two lesbian lovers.
by AndreKrazySwede November 03, 2010
A situation or location that is unpleasant, pretentious, or outwardly obnoxious to normal people due to the employees, patrons, or any other people or person associated with it.
This bar sucks. I feel like I've died and gone to paradouche.

I don't go to that gym anymore. It's lame. Everyone just stares at themselves in the mirror the whole time. It's paradouche and no one seems to notice but me.
by Jookie7 August 30, 2011
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