Where a guy masterbates and shoots his load into the air and trys to catch it on his tounge
My girlfried walked in on me in mid parachuting and soiled my true religions
by throwitdown December 05, 2008
Top Definition
Grinding up pills, wrapping them in a napkin, and swallowing the napkin as a method of administering the drugs. The high from parachuting last longer and is more intense than snorting, and generally thought of as safer than injecting.
"Yesterday I got 100mg of morphine, so I ended up grinding it up and parachuting it before English. God I love english."
by rapheal September 13, 2006
When your underwear stick out over the top of your pants.
You could tell she was wearing granny panties because she was parachuting.
by boopbutterfly January 10, 2011
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