Another word for "apples", from the movie Despicable Me.
"Everyone loves papples!"
by thegreek11 January 27, 2012
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A cross breed of apples and pears.
Wow, April! Kayla's papple that she packed for lunch looks sooo delicious!

Jenn and Kai went to the grocery store to buy some papples to make papple pie with.
by specialkai April 19, 2007
Its a mix between an apple and a pear. Known as the Asian pear
That's a very good papple I'm having today!
by Me2007 September 16, 2007
*Nickname for Jen Schoborg a.k.a Pineapple, known leader of the Iowan mafia. As leader of the mafia, P-apple is known to be found in the library studying her favorite class, physics, many days. Is also known to be a target for shenanigans by many pirates.

*result of the fundamental theorem of applied calculus,
"Yo P-apple! What's crakin, home skillet?"

by ZeCapn'7 December 16, 2008
This is a mix between a pineapple and apple or just a short name for a pineapple-if you remove 'ine' from the word it leaves papple.

The pineapple and the apple mix is used a lot in Asian countries and is a tropical mix. It is sometimes used in drinks like cocktails.
I really want a papple it sounds delicious!!
by Iđź’–building March 06, 2015
abbreviation for pineapple
how do you like them papples?
by papple April 11, 2012
Short for 'past participle'. Used in English grammar usage texts.
Nothing points more clearly to the North Americanness of a person than the ability to use the pa.pple forms 'got' and 'gotten' in a natural manner.


I would say using contracted forms of commonly used phrases like 'pa.pple' in place of 'past participle' in an English text utilized primarily by those learning English as a second language can be a confusing circumstance.
by sanitysama June 29, 2010
it is a pear cross between a apple its a pear apple hybrid papple.
pear ,apple, paple, papple
by kirsty.13 January 28, 2009

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