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A pencil that puts really crapy erasers on thier pencils. Instaed of being soft and eraseing stuff they are hard and just slide over the paper.
Jack: Why won't my fuggin' pencil erase?
Joe: Well, let me see, ahh it's the shiitiest pencil company in the world, thats why.
by p00pies May 06, 2004
A person married to his or her spouse for the sole purpose of becoming a legal resident
Roy hoped Mia would accept his wedding proposal and be his paper mate.
by Wildthing June 26, 2013
The last piece of paper left on the printer conveniently close to you while you are masturbating;used as last resort to catch ejaculation.
Ricky the cowboy was masturbating at his desktop in his dark quiet room, when he reached for his paper-mate to catch the ejaculation almost completely effectively.
by Bigfish305 October 22, 2009
Better than a friend. When my computer is not working (which is always)I always turn to my trusty Paper Mate pen.
Perfect for writing death threats, spreading bad news or breaking up with my girlfriends.
by ben goss May 09, 2005
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