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A heart that is very fragile or sensitive
My paper heart can't handle rejection.
by dw9 January 14, 2009
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(noun) a spontaneous, outgoing individual that is highly attractive and will melt your heart at first sight. Derived from "Paper Heart", which is thought to have spawned from an individual with a Type A personality, and will never know the truth. Her actions resulted in his "torn heart", hence paper-like heart.
Paperheart has given me a reason to live.
by fangurl! July 27, 2003
A nice little asian pimp who makes his girl laugh during intercourse. Used to be a pimp of a certain someone but now he just has alot of love to give. A proud member of the Yellow Daisy Flowers Inc. ( Rumor has it that he gives great rim jobs.
Look at PaperHeart, He is such a Fatty.
by Chris/m00 July 26, 2003

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