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Norwegian rap-group with rapper Vinny fronting the band.
Proubly the best Rap duo ever.

Has worked with lots of other rap groups, artists and duos.

Guy #1: Dude! were you at the paperboys concert last week?

Guy #2: No....

Guy #1: Vinny got olaf'd on the stage by some random Norwegian !
by RandomGuy #1 June 20, 2007
noun, slang, technical. Someone who still reads books on paper instead of an e-book reader.
I'm reading the new release already while my friend the paper boy is still waiting for his copy in the mail.
by Shoone January 26, 2009
A game for Sega Genesis, sounds really stupid but is actually a very fun game, although it is 10 years old.
Paperboy for SEGA is a classic.
by Tardy McTard July 26, 2004
When you deliver before she wakes up...just like the paperboy.
Man, that broad was so hammered and I totally gave her the paperboy last night!
by udmg March 02, 2008
the smart guy that deliver papers like daily mail sun daily record courier daily express scotland on sunday to tories like cooper and paterson.
paperboys are very smart
by David Richardson March 29, 2005
When you rip up paper like crazy and people around yell paper boy. Most commonly the paper boy will join in the chant, but not always. Examples of paper for use are tax returns, right wing newspapers, or anything that needs to be shredded and recycled.
(Boy or Girl stands among others ripping up paper like crazy and yelling paper boy)

Everyone Else: Paper Boy!
by Catdragon2000 December 26, 2011
A "Graffiti Writer" that claims he writes but only does graffiti on paper
Graffer 1: Hey that new kid is pretty good at graff

Graffer 2: Yeah he's alright, but he's a paper boy
by StraightGraffin July 15, 2009