somebody that makes up words and puts it in the urban dictionary, also anyone who would put this language in there every day life.
yo money, hit da celly 2 da trap, conserve da scrilla, fa sheezy, teazy. then put pads of bars in da urban dictionary, since us slangas are trill like dat, keep it paper gangster doggy.
by joshua001 March 03, 2007
Top Definition
Bullshit fake, wanna-be who tries to be ghetto/thinks he/she is from the streets and is a punk-ass motherfucker who should be listening to Rush and wearing Dockers while earning a living cleaning daddy's Lexus abd painting his white-picket fence. Refer to Wigger.
You ain't from the streets you're just another piece of shit, paper gangster
by Hardcore Rob October 19, 2004
Paper Gangster - A suburaban kid, can be white or balck, comes from a rich family. Usually sees a rap videos on t.v., asks his rich parents to buy him the clothes he sees and acts like hes from a rough part of town around his friends and people that don't know him, when he really lives in a 500,000 home and drives a BMW or Lexus or Volvo.
An example of a paper gangster is Mike Hamane
by TrainWreck December 07, 2007
Paperwork savvy individual not to be fucked with or mistaken for a chump. This person can turn your whole world upside down in the blink of an eye.
Anthony a Paper Gangster. I took him to court and lost my house.
by Catcha5lug February 26, 2013
a gangster on paper only. birth certificate may even state "poor rich kid." Current pop culture dictates he copy the "gangsters" on tv and dress hip hop/urban.
Check this paper gangster.. walking with a limp but never got shot. Someone aught to revoke the sticker from his hat.
by ThisBytes March 08, 2009
one who lives in the surburban area who is white and doing it for the image.
that kid with his moms lexus is a paper gangster
by dick March 31, 2004

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