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An awesome way to ask for something, show joy, or the act of sexual intercourse.

Also can be interchanged with an action
Also can be interchanged with hello and good bye

Rizzle: Hey, pap me aff that pencil right there.

Monte: I just ficused that jirl!!!
Rizzle: Pap it aff!!!!!

Rizzle: That jirl is sexy
Monte: I would like to pap her aff

Monte: That chick can barely walk
Rizzle: That's cuz i just paped her aff!!!!!!

Rizzum: hey, want 2 pap aff the librario wit me, Mante?
Mante: Hepp yea, Ill pap it aff witcha Rizzalator

by Rizzum February 18, 2009

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