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The teenage Christopher Paolini published the book Eragon in 2003. Despite the fact that his book gained a huge following, a small minority of amateur critics reacted angrily to his misuse of vocabulary and suggested that he had merely rifled through his thesaurus. They accused him of being a pseudointellectual and from that accusation comes the word paolinize. To paolinize it to effect a personna of superior intelligence through use of advanced vocabulary, an effort that is foiled by one's use of words out of connotation.
Charles must really be in love with his thesaurus. Have you heard him paolinizing? He wants to call say that Nicole Kidman plays a witch in Bewitched. Instead, he keeps calling her a termagant. He doesn't even know what the word means.
by fishcakefillet June 23, 2005
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