A person who acts like a macho but in fact is an emo biotch. seems to have no balls and doesnt stand up for what is claimed to be his beliefs
John A. Butler, gets into arguments online over stupid shit but backs down, the bloody wanking panzy
by Jerkyjeekyjoo January 12, 2010
The kid you always team up on in Dodgeball.
Panzy: I went fucking Adventurous today, I didnt wash my carrots before i ate them.
by Russian communist July 26, 2006
To be afraid of doing some action or not do anything at all out of some sort of fear.
Sam is a panzy for not talking to Ed
by levarun July 17, 2007
a panzer tank covered in flowers
"aww what a pretty display"
"thats not a display thats a panzy.RUN!"
by phil September 02, 2004
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