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Panliigaw is the Filipino term for the ritual of being a chode in order to woo a woman to like you. Panliligaw is low value, but if a girl already likes you beforehand, she'll be your girl friend regardless of the lameness of your approach. On the other hand, if a girl doesn't like you, no amount of ligaw will convince her otherwise.

Panliligaw is equivalent to the term traditional courtship, or simply courtship. Some elements of panliligaw involved dating, but panliligaw and dating are not the same.

In panliligaw, you have to prove your worth to the girl. In dating, you assume both of you have value. You're just trying to determine if both of you are compatible or not.
Crush ko si Anna. Liligawan ko siya.

I'll make ligaw to Josie by giving her gifts, chocolates. I'll tell her she's special to me.

Ang panliligaw ay hindi isang laro. Dapat sigurado ka sa nararamdama mo sa babae, dahil dapat siya lang ang mahal mo.
by Pinoy PUA September 13, 2013
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