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Drawing attention to yourself by breathing loudly, holding your hands on your neck, and disrupting class. These are mainly done by 14 year old girls who fail at life so they have to make people feel bad for them, ironically, these people that have "panic attacks" are made fun of much more than "normal" people and have a very average lifes but like to make it seem like they have big problems in their life, for example, saying your dad is an alcoholic or that your dad makes you do math problems in the middle of summer.
Allysa: so were in the middle of taking this huge test in history worth like two hundred points and some girl runs down the hall having a panic attack everyone is laughing so much that we couldnt finish the test and we got in trouble for making noise in the middle of a test.

by Chirsten June 18, 2006
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The worst, most uncomfortable thing that could ever happen to someone. (Death comes a close second)

One who is having a panic attack will experiance some or all of these symptoms:

-Shortnes of breath
-Dizziness, unsteadiness, or faintness
-Palpitations or accelerated heart rate
-Trembling or shaking
-Nausea, stomachache, or diarreah
-Feelings of unreality, strangeness, or detachment from the environment
-Numbness or tingling sensations
-Flushing or chills
-Chest pain or discomfort
-Fear of dying
-Fear of "going crazy" or losing control
She had a panic attack the other day
by [katie] March 23, 2007
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A panic attack is basically one of the worst things that anyone could ever experience. If you are having a panic attack you feel nauseas, very hot like you have a fever, feel like you have to go to the bathroom, and feel very scared/worried all at the same time.
Panic attacks are some of the worst things that you could ever experience.
by Jnelsonmarka October 01, 2006
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The absolute worst possible feeling a person can ever experience. Period. Basically having a panic attack feels like impending doom even though absolutely nothing can be going wrong in the outside world. Symptoms include, but are certainly not limited to:

Intense Anxiety/fear
Tingling sensation
Fear of heart stopping
Tunnel Vision
Spinning/Spiraling sensation when you close your eyes
Throat/airway constricting
Heart palpitations
Pounding/racing heart/thoughts

Basically, it just majorly sucks balls to go through a (real) panic attack. Panic attacks are one of the most misunderstood terms in today's vocabulary. Commonly in today's society people will make the statement "I'm having a panic attack because I have so much work/school/other issues to think about", this of course is not true, because someone who is going through a panic attack is literally so scared they can't even speak. It is actually a mental disorder that should be treated immediately because literally NO ONE deserves to feel this shitty.

See "Hell"
If I met the man who murdered my grandmother, and had the option of making him experience panic attacks as punishment, I don't think I would. Literally crushing his nuts with 2 bricks would be a less severe punishment
by Chainsaw152 October 05, 2009
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An attack of anxiety, Usually with a feeling that something bad is about to happen, the person feels out of control.
'I have a panic attacks when i try and go in elavators'
by Pink_Misfit June 11, 2006
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Also known as anxiety attack. When something so worrisome that makes you anious till it effects you physically. It can be consider one of the worst but most common mental horrors. It affects many who have overcome traumatic experiences when something triggers their mind/brian to "rexperience" it to the point it makes them physically ill. Can be triggered by word, feeling, sound, smell, etc. Most who suffer from panick attakcs cannot be left alone if its so sever. Might be considered like a seizur for its usually sub-consioues and unpredictable. It may last for seconds to days. Many can sleep it off or take sedatives to get over it. Many can over come it by mind tricking method's, such as extreme detailed sensory stories, singing, focusing on one thing etc. Some may cope with then symptoms by merely breathing slowly, holding someone's hand(s) or talking. It is sometimes very hard to find what triggered the attack but when you do you can use the information to prevent an attack.
OMG, that girl is having a panic attack.Hold her hand and tell her to breath slowly while I call her shrink!
by ShrinkyWinky April 20, 2007
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A Brazilian ballroom dance punk group. Their music makes people dance. The lyrics are cynical and in Portuguese.
A translated chorus from Panic! Attack!:
"I feel like I'm gonna die and I hope I do.
Nothing truly bad has ever happened to me.
Baby, I feel bad for feeling bad.
We will die in the streets or in cars or in beds.
It makes no difference."
by Sixty-Seven October 06, 2009
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The awesome feeling you get listening to Panic! At The Disco. It is accompanied by singing the lyrics to a P!ATDsong, wishing you were Brendon Urie's girlfriend, and an insane desire to kill that freako who Brendon Urie'd Brendon.
(Friends are sitting around, when But It's Better If You Do plays on the radio)
Paris- Wow, Panic! At The Disco is awesome.
London- Totally. I'm having a Panic! Attack just thinking about them.
by Ms. Urie October 10, 2006
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