Formed in Las Vegas, Nevada by members Ryan Ross, Spencer Smith, Brendon Urie, and Brent Wilson, P!atd is commonly refered to as a "pop-punk" and/or " punk-rock" band. Brent Wilson, former basist, who was in the band for a very short time, left and was replaced by Jon Walker. Later in 2009, Ryan Ross (guitarist) and Jon Walker (basist) left due to creative differences and formed The Young Veins. Two albums were made with Ross and Walker; A Fever You Can't Sweat Out, and Pretty. Odd. The two albums are widely different from each other. After Ross and Walker left, vocalist Brendon Urie, and drummer Spencer Smith, created the album Vices and Virtues. Many people stereotype them to be "listened to by 13 year olds who don't know what real music is, and"emo kids." Recently, Panic!'s song "Ready To Go" has been feautured in TV commercials, causing the band to become more mainstream. Although you don't have to listen to them since the beginning when they were originally formed, it would help if you know other songs then just the ones that play on the radio and TV.
Person 1: I just started listening to Panic! At The Disco last week, and I think they're really good! Camisado is my favorite song.

Person 2: Yeah I know! I love the album Pretty. Odd.

"Poser" Person 3: Yeah! I don't know the album names but I LOVE I Write Sins, Not Tragedies, and Ready To Go. They play on the radio all the time!
by MusicLover000 August 12, 2012
Obviously the best band to ever write or preform a song! Often has long titles from books movies ect. Brendon Urie, the lead singer, is an amazingly delicious and has very luscious plump lips great for kissing! And Spencer Smith who is the drummer, often does not talk. Just sits back and does his own thing.
Panic! at the Disco is my favorite band of all time!
Brendon is my future husband!!!
Spencer can be our butler.
by Panic! Attack October 16, 2011
The best band ever. They sing emo/pop punk. If you say that they suck someone in your life probably likes them and you will be dead in .000002 seconds.
Abbi: (humming the lyrics to Time To Dance)
Caroline: OMG is that Panic! at the Disco?
Abbi:Who else would it be?
by Abbi D June 27, 2016
a las vegas native alternative rock band that gained popularity in 2005 from their single i write sins not tragedies. discovered and signed by pete wentz of fall out boy, the band is nine years old. current members of the band are brendon urie on vocals, guitar, and pretty much anything he can pick up, spencer smith on drums, and dallon weekes on bass. past members are ryan ross who played guitar and was the wordsmith for the band, jon walker the former bassist, and brent willson who also played bass before walker joined the band in 2006. spencer and brendon have been in the band ever since it was formed. panic!'s most popular songs are singles i write sins not tragedies and nine in the afternoon. the band has four albums which are a fever you can' sweat out (best album tbh), pretty. odd., vices and virtues, and too weird to love, too rare to die!.
person1: do you like panic! at the disco?

person2: YES OMFG I HAVE URIEGASMS1!1!1!1!1!1!1

person1: you know, ryan's pretty hot too.

person2: stfu he doesn't even go here.

person1: *kills person 2*
by patd tho November 30, 2013
Their old songs are combinations of the Killers, The Postal Service, Death Cab, classical music, and pop-punk. Weird combination, but it worked. After every single member left, Brendon Urie is now the only member, so he experimented with electronica to mixed success.
Panic! At the Disco was one of the most original bands of the mid 2000s. Now they aren't the worst band around but if i had to listen to one modern day alt-rock song, it would probably be by the Black Keys
by funwillfunwill April 29, 2016
Okay, well first of all, don't be hating!! Panic! At The Disco is not "gay" or "overrated" Yes, I do agree that they attracted a new croud, which I hate, but they still rock. They are the only people to combine techno and pop. Also, all of their lyrics come from a book, their favorite book, and that's why they are all nonsense. But, who cares! They are a kick ass band. Listen.
Not Prep: Can you name three of their songs..?
Prep: Um..chyeahh..I write Sins Not Tradgedies, But It's Better if you do,
Not Prep: Yeah, I didn't think so..
by Miriam<333 September 25, 2006
panic! at the disco is one of the greatest bands ever.
their music can only be described as deep, unique, amazing and completely unlike anything you have ever heard.
p!atd used to be a band only known by a few devoted fans... this was until MTV discovered them... suddenly panic! have become mainstream.. they are on the radio everyday and people at school have started to walk around singing their songs...

if these people were actual fans i wouldn't mind so much.. but when i no they are total scene kids and only like what is on the radio and "cool" at the present time, it really pisses me off.

only listen to panic! at the disco if you like them because of their song meanings and some ofthe stuff they create. these reasons for listening are not acceptable. same goes for anything else. only having one or two of their songs does not make you a fan. having the majority of their stuff however, does.
scenechic1: *turns on radio* "OMGGGGG how awesum is panic! at the disco ther song is on rite now LAWL*
scenechic1: no im ther biggest fan!
scenechic2: nuh uh I AM!!!
realfan: uh k... what do the lyrics to the song thats on at the moment mean? dont no? guess yur not a fan then
by emzzzz July 03, 2006
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