The act of sex between two gay men, one skinny and the other extremely large, in which the large man is on top of the skinny man, flattening him in the process.
Guy 1: Hey, did you see Billy last night?
Guy 2: No I didn't, he was getting pancaked by Fat Frankie.
Guy 1: Did you check under him?
Guy 2: Nah, I prefer Waffles but I know he loves a pancaking!
by Shishkagrass October 20, 2012
Top Definition
v. in comedy: when a stand-up comic starts strong and engages the crowd well but ends weakly and has lost the audience.
Term made popular by Mitch Hedberg.
"Pancakes are great when you start eating them, but by the time you get to the end your totally sick of them. That's why pancaking is a going to be a new comedy term, because some comics start off great. By the time their ending their act, though, you're sick of them. 'Hey, look at Mitch up there! He's totally pancaking!'"
by Obie August 23, 2006
The act of covering up the previous night's makeup with more makeup, instead of reapplying fresh makeup in the morning.
Kelsey was seriously pancaking at this morning's staff meeting.
by crotchhands April 25, 2010
when a woman concentrates on a particular person during masturbation. pancaking is achieved when the woman has that 'after sex' feeling even though she only masturbated.
Natalie was pancaking last night to the thought of Adam.
by ProbsNotSwoll August 03, 2011
Its when you fuck your woman so hard the night before, she wants to bake you pancakes in the morning!

Seriously, the term was derived from the term "pancakin' wednesdays," where, instead of the word "fuck," you use the forms of "pancake" all day.

Pancake (v.) - to fuck, bone, shag, screw, or anything of that nature, to a woman(or man) in an extreme, relentless fashion.
"I pancaked the shit outta that chick!"

"I don't make love... I PANCAKE!"

"I would pancake the shit outta her if i had the chance."

"Bro you wouldn't believe it! You remember Sherrie? I was pancaking all on that ass last night!"

by allbutnone February 03, 2010
In the squirrels community, pancaking is a type of physical form of relaxation. It's when a squirrel is so relaxed that it will lay down on it's stomach with it's back legs flat out and just lay there all content. It's called pancaking because of the way they seem to become as flat as a pancake during this activity.
"It's so cute how Hermione loves to pancake on top of my head!"

"Look at that group of pancaking squirrels on the rock over there!"

"Ginny was all pancaked out last night on top of her cage before bed! She was so sleepy!"
by Skayda July 17, 2014
The act of running towards someone smaller than you, thrusting your full body weight onto them, and causing them to be lying flat on the ground with you laying flat on top of them after impact. Your bodies create the illusion of a short stack.
"Dude, did you see what she did to Evan?"
"Yeah, she totally pancaked him. He's still just laying there on the floor. Do you think he'll be alright?"
"I don't know. That pancaking was pretty hard core."
"Yeah it was."
by the master commander April 25, 2013

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