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Aimlessly doing an activity after a long day of work. your brain is so fried that all you can handle doing is staring blankly at something and doing an autonomous motion.

Activities such as:
- watching whatever is on TV but not really thinking about what you're watching.
- aimlessly clicking through IMGUR.
- scanning through pages of Reddit without interest.
- etc.

after time passes, somehow you come out of this foggy daze and realize you spent 3 hours doing absolutely nothing, you haven't had a decent meal and you've gotta go back to work in 8 hours. f your life.
Jane: Hey how was your day?
John: oh god i just realized i've been pancaking for like 3 straight hours :C
Jane: What did you do for the last three hours?
John: I think i just read every single post on reddit.. :C
Jane: D:
John: Bleh... just wasted my whole night...
by sweetdevil December 02, 2013
when a woman concentrates on a particular person during masturbation. pancaking is achieved when the woman has that 'after sex' feeling even though she only masturbated.
Natalie was pancaking last night to the thought of Adam.
by ProbsNotSwoll August 03, 2011
Holding someone's hand without intertwining fingers. Boring, flat hand holding.
Person 1: when we hold hands we don't intertwine fingers...
Person 2: dude, you're pancaking.
by CaityCat May 24, 2013
v. The act of flirting with Panida
guy 1: where's joe?
guy 2: he's over at UF pancaking right now
guy 1: oh, what a mack!
by LOTM February 11, 2010
pan-keyk - Urban slang for telling your life story or daily events to a complete stranger, who really couldn't care any less.
Stranger: Hi, how are you?

Pancaker: Good, I just had a fabulous dinner at White Spot celebrating my son's soccer game! They won with a fabulous score of four to two. It was just spectacular.

Stranger: Uh, Miss, you're totally pancaking me.
by The Pancake Whisperer January 19, 2012
(also known as Chocolate Pancaking) A sexual activity involving the separation of butt cheeks in order to rub two persons anus's together. Much like scissoring this must be done with partners at 90 degree angles, but can be done by partners of any gender. This activity was notoriously found to be used by Middle Schoolers at Gresham Middle School in Knoxville, TN as a way to have sexual relations while preserving virginity.
Kyle was Chocolate Pancaking with his teacher Mae so that he would remain a virgin.
by Texas Homo March 06, 2009
when grinding, if two girls sandwich (juke on one side, grind on the other) a guy
Me: that was so fun when we were pancaking that guy!
You: def!
by heygurrlhey April 25, 2010