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paloopa is the term used for someone or something extremely lovely or adorable.
zac you are such a paloopa. :]
by emilyyyycal. April 29, 2008
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The opposite of a Chaloopa which means iron butthole (another word to describe a Heterosexuals..*sigh*). Paloopa's are stereotyped by their odd gestures, feminine traits, constant shaking off the anus and was coined by a kid named Tauree Campbell. While sounding idiotic and really stupid, it has somehow found itsway to Suburban america in which Teenagers now use it as a regular insult.
Kenneth: Hey Ben I hear you like cock in your ass!
Ben: Your right Kenneth, so you can suck my cock
Kenneth: Kiss my ass, Paloopa!

Teens will never learn
by Lord Kabukucox August 01, 2009

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